Conference themes


The tech industry has experienced turbulent times over the last year. To help you navigate the new normal, this year's conference content will focus on the following themes to help you deliver in your role as a leader and executor.

Navigating IC + Manager + Exec relationships

As a senior individual contributor, you hold a tonne of organisational leverage and responsibility and are one of your company’s leaders. But, with the roles on the tech track still standardising, sometimes this can result in you being managed by folks who are more junior than you - or even if your manager is on your level, they might not fully grasp the responsibilities of your role. We'll explore:

  • How to navigate your relationship with your manager in a way that is productive - allowing you to strengthen their ability to make decisions and them to support you in a way that feels constructive
  • How to effectively navigate organisational relationships - educating stakeholders from other departments or even on your executive tea

Pitching projects effectively

If you’re in a role on the tech track, there’s at least one white whale of a project - something that has the potential to transform one of your services. However, projects of this size are difficult to resource - particularly in this environment. Learning how to break down a project into more manageable parts is essential to the role of the senior individual contributor, allowing you to get buy-in and make incrementally positive changes, bringing benefits along the way.

Maintaining and reducing infrastructure costs 

As companies face tighter budgets, costs are scrutinised more closely than ever. With cloud costs soaring and companies paying out even more money to third-party providers, keeping an eye on infrastructure costs is definitely necessary. 

Navigating your infrastructure costs, considering both your developer environment and the infrastructure required for your product operations, is a key skill in tying your engineering work to business value. We'll look at how you can start making decisions and recommendations about what is money well spent and what could be trimmed.

Practically engaging with AI

AI has the power to transform the way that we work, and it eventually will - but the question is, what can we do with it right now?

While there are folks predicting the end of the engineer or a new era for software, leaders on the ground are looking for more practical steps - hearing from folks who’ve actually changed the way they work with the power of AI.

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Meet the StaffPlus New York programming committee

Take a look at the amazing all-star lineup of engineering leaders helping to bring you the best content possible. They're coming together to discuss the key issues engineers on the technical track need to be tackling, sharing crucial information from on the ground in New York.


Lesley Cordero New York Times Staff Engineer
Randall Koutnik Jellyfish Staff Software Engineer
Mark El-Khoury Activision Blizzard Associate Principal Security Engineer
Izar Tarandach Datadog Sr Principal Security Architect
Sophia Russell Betterment Senior Staff Engineer
Audrei Drummond Slack Senior Staff Backend Engineer
Will Gallego
Vanessa Vuibert Shopify Staff Production Engineer
Christina Chan Wealthsimple Staff Engineer
Adrian Cruz
César Puerta

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