20 mins

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t having a bigger impact at work? Why your colleagues aren't listening to your advice or why those next career opportunities aren't coming your way? Stop wondering and start influencing.

Your professional networks are at the core of your ability to influence and move to the next level. You can build a reliable network by making lasting connections that foster support and collaboration. It’s not magic or manipulation; it’s about listening and learning how to tell a compelling story. It’s about being in the moment and appreciating that giving people what they need also helps you in the long run. And it’s contagious!

Your journey will spark others along the way and help promote a culture of collaboration and giving. Learning to influence and build your network sustainably is the single most significant boost you can give your future career and it will pay off in multiples. And the best part is? Everyone can do it with a few easy, practical tips. The time to start is now.