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Designing products that involve the engineering teams’ insight will help you stay ahead of the competition

In many orgs, when it comes to product development, the engineering teams concentrate their efforts on building the software rather than being involved at the ideas stage. But your engineering teams have a lot of insight into how customers will use the software - in terms of the usability of specific features, maintenance levels and reliability.

Getting your engineers to look beyond the tech and give their insights on product development will improve your resources and give you more successful releases.

In this panel, we will be hearing from engineering leaders about ways they have transformed their engineering culture from product focused to user focused - including how their engineers influence product design to keep the customer front of mind at all times.

Key takeaways

  • Empower your engineers to understand the ‘why’ behind a product release
  • Encourage your teams to share insights and collaborate with the wider org
  • Structure your engineering org to leverage developer insight in product design
  • Create a well-rounded engineering culture that is both product and user focused
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