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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re shining a light on the top articles from female contributors over the past year.

Whether you’re a woman in tech or an ally, these are the seven ideas you need to read and pass on:

1. Brianna McCullough, How to nail your next salary negotiation

Talking about money can be difficult. But when we shy away from salary negotiations or show up unprepared, we miss out on getting the pay we deserve. In this article, Brianna McCullough shares eight practical steps for navigating tricky negotiations and landing a compensation package that matches your worth.

2. Tutti Quintella, A data-centric approach to understanding underrepresentation and its impact

What’s really going on with underrepresentation in the tech industry? What’s the current state for female engineers? Why should your business care? What can you do about it? Tutti Quintella dives into all these questions, sharing the latest data and offering concrete advice for attracting, developing, retaining, and promoting folks from underrepresented groups.

3. Vaidehi Joshi, How to set healthy boundaries with your work

Over the last two years, we’ve all experienced reduced boundaries with work, from working at home and balancing childcare to staying online beyond regular hours. Vaidehi Joshi calls for the return of healthy boundaries, for the sake of our mental and organizational health, and offers a few easy steps for reclaiming that essential work/life balance.

4. Charity Majors, Career development for engineering managers

Looking to grow as an engineering manager? Charity Majors shares her advice, from getting over your fear of confrontation and building your public speaking skills to giving back and getting a therapist. Ultimately, building a long and rewarding career in tech isn’t about chasing the next title or level, but learning to follow your curiosity.

5. Neha Batra, Maximize your mentorship: Establish, absorb, and connect

Mentorship is a great way to build your network, inherit and share wisdom, and grow your career. In this article, Neha Batra shares how to get the most out of your mentorship by deepening your relationship with your mentor, from establishing what you want from them and asking the right questions to taking steps to build trust.

6. Sarah Drasner, How to drive decisions as an engineering leader

As engineering leaders, driving important decisions forward is an important part of your role. How can you lead your team to make and carry out the right decisions? How can you understand the impact of a certain route, and align your team when a final direction is set? Here Sarah Drasner shares her six-step framework for leading your team to success.

7. Vaidehi Kulkarni, Changing jobs during pregnancy: Secrets to success

Switching jobs is always a challenge. Doing it when pregnant might sound impossible. Vaidehi Kulkarni is here to tell you it can be done, sharing her story of changing roles and companies during her second trimester. From being open with hiring managers to preparing for maternity leave, she shares everything you need to know if you’re considering a similar move.

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