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How can you empower your engineers to conduct good interviews and make the right hiring decisions?

How can you equip your engineers with the tools and knowledge they need to conduct brilliant interviews?

As an engineering leader looking to grow your team, you will likely have called on your reports at some stage to interview their future colleagues. However, without any common understanding of what a ‘good’ interview looks like, you will likely end up with ineffective interviewers, which can get in the way of your growth goals and lead to costly mistakes and bad hires.

In this panel, we will bring together a group of engineering leaders to help you and your team define your interview standards and become great interviewers. They will share insights on how to train engineers that are new to interviewing, or new to interviewing at your company, and ensure you’re continuously improving your interviews as your organization grows.

Key takeaways

  • Empower your engineers to run great interviews
  • Define a common understanding of what  good interview technique looks like across the org
  • Learn how to implement consistent interview processes that make hiring more effective and efficient
  • Trust your reports to reliably identify top talent