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How can you adapt your workflow to embrace experimentation?

Panel discussion (45 minutes): September 23 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET

Experimentation is a powerful tool to gather actionable insights from your audience, but it can also be hard to cultivate a mindset that prioritises experimentation if it’s not something that you’re accustomed to.

We’ll think about how to identify when an experiment could be used, explore some experimentation techniques, how to set the bounds of the experiment to ensure your results are accurate.

1:1 experimentation consultations with Optimizely

We're excited to partner with the Optimizely team to offer webinar attendees a personal consultation to help you level up progressive delivery and experimentation in your organization. 

Optimizely is the world’s leader in Progressive Delivery and Experimentation. Its platform includes technologies for modern software development, such as feature flags, A/B testing at scale, AI-powered personalization, and streaming analytics.