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Find out what opportunities senior engineers can provide to help support those starting out their career in engineering.

Starting out mentoring or coaching as an engineering leader can seem like a challenging task, despite the personal reward. Working closely with aspiring engineers to find out their individual desires and where they are lacking, is important for helping you support juniors more effectively.

Join us at this edition of Bookmarked where Suzan Bond will be joined by Amarachi Amaechi to discuss how senior engineers can help those starting out in their tech career. 

In this session, Amarachi will be discussing how you can help to support and develop the skill sets of aspiring engineers eager for opportunities to catalyse their career.

Key takeaways

  • Learn what your junior engineers are lacking and how you can help as a senior
  • Understand which initiatives to engage in to make a difference to new engineers
  • Recognize the indicative signs that junior engineers might need assistance
  • Become a defining figure for new talent in tech for them to progress in their careers