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Accurately evaluate soft skills and predict whether a candidate is a good fit for your organization

When hiring engineers, the focus is often on a candidate’s technical ability. Technical assessments can be really useful tools for measuring this - but if you’re placing the majority of your focus on technical ability, you’re probably overlooking the soft skills that are crucial to a developer’s toolbox. By neglecting to take a candidate’s soft skills into consideration, you risk hiring someone who doesn’t fit with your team or unique company culture, affecting the likelihood of their success at your org and the success of your team.

In this panel, engineering leaders will discuss effective ways that you can amend your interview process to assess beyond just technical ability. We will discuss examples of different interview techniques and interview questions that effectively assess candidates’ soft skills, enabling you to hire not just for the job, but for the future of your engineering org as well.

Key takeaways

  • Learn to identify which soft skills and personality traits are important to your organization
  • Define a hiring process for your org that revolves around career progression and longevity at the company
  • Develop an unbiased way to evaluate the soft skills of a candidate
  • Rework the hiring culture of your org to focus on long-term retention