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Building inclusive companies is a requirement of everyone’s job, so what are the practical steps that you can take to build this into your organization? 

In this session, Sheree Atcheson (Author, Demanding More) focuses on how to approach the lack of diversity in the tech industry with tactics including acknowledging privilege and understanding the unchecked and unconscious biases within the workplace. 

Going beyond ‘HR speak’, Sheree will look at discrimination through the lens of intersectionality. She will share actionable strategies to combat underrepresentation and implement the changes that will benefit your team and company.

Key Takeaways

You’ll leave this session with the ability to:

  • Understand how to become an ally for underrepresented groups
  • Take ownership of issues within your organization and stand up to bias and discrimination
  • Identify and overcome barriers to inclusion in the workplace 
  • Develop strategies on how to create more inclusive environments and maintain accountability throughout the whole process

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