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Empower your DevOps teams to understand users on a deeper level and keep your org competitive

DevOps teams play a critical role in user retention, and changes in user demand have seen a shift in priorities for these teams. Previously the emphasis was on alerting processes and fast incident response times. We’re now seeing engineering orgs placing understanding user experience and product improvements at the heart of their DevOps strategy. But DevOps is a cultural issue, as it is technical - so what are the hallmarks of a DevOps culture that satisfies and retains its users?

In this panel, leading DevOps advocates will focus on how we can unlock the potential of DevOps teams to cater to user demand and ultimately drive business impact. They will cover how to use customer data to understand users on a deeper level and how effective collaboration between developers and operations can drive product developments that keep users happy and orgs competitive.

Key takeaways

  • Help your DevOps teams understand what customers are looking for from products and apps
  • Empower your DevOps teams to effectively prioritise within their workload and have a real business impact
  • Learn ways to tighten and improve your feedback loop mechanism to ensure customer satisfaction