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Understand how to leverage what your org has to offer and stand out compared to bigger tech companies

Software engineers have always been in demand, which means candidates often have a lot of choice when looking for a new role. To attract the best candidates, engineering orgs try to offer the best possible working environments for potential employees - remote work, flexible hours, learning and development opportunities, the latest tech and tools. However, what if your company is not in a position to offer the same perks as others with more resources?

In this panel, senior level engineers will look at ways your org can stand out in a candidate’s market. They will discuss how you can use what your org already has to offer to your advantage - starting with building a strong candidate pipeline, through to crafting more efficient and effective internal interview processes that focus on elevating the candidate experience and attracting top talent.

Key takeaways

  • Understand what is important to engineers in a new role
  • Learn how to leverage what your company has to offer candidates during the hiring process
  • Level up your engineering org by attracting the best talent