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Jean-Michel Lemieux
CTO, Shopify
Charity Majors
Co-founder & CTO, Honeycomb
Eileen Burbidge
Partner, Passion Capital
Rukmini Reddy
VP Engineering, Slack
Dana Lawson
VP of Engineering, GitHub
Bruce Wang
Engineering Director, Netflix
Nimisha Asthagiri
Engineering Director & Chief Architect at edX
Papanii Nene Okai
Papanii Nene
Director of Engineering and Architecture, Venmo




Check out the timings on the day and add your must-see talks to your calendar in your own timezone. Each talk and panel will be followed by a 20 minute Q&A session over in our Slack channel. Join now to be part of the discussion

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09:45 PT

Welcome to LeadDev Live
Anjuan Simmons, Ines Sombra, Leemay Nassery

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10:10 PT • Panel

Building stable engineering organisations in times of change
Meri Williams, Jean Michel Lemieux, Claudius Mbemba, Elaine Zhou

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10:55 PT • Talk

What makes a good process?
Adrienne Lowe • Senior Engineering Manager, ActiveCampaign

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10:30 PT • Talk

ICON Framework: Creating Value From Machine Learning
Banjo Obayomi • Senior Research Engineer, Two Six Labs

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10:50 PT • Demo

Aligning multiple frontends to a shared architecture at NotOnTheHighStreet
Petter Franzen • Principal Engineer, NotOnTheHighStreet

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11:10 PT • Talk

Storytelling techniques for creating impactful presentations
Arquay Harris • Senior Director of Engineering, Expansion, Slack

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11:25 PT


11:45 PT • Panel

Effective remote communication in complex organisations
Katie Wilde, Dana Lawson, Asanka Jayasuriya, Farhan Thawar, Wambui Kinya

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11:10 PT • Demo

Boost engineering productivity with data – Code Climate
Michael Moynihan • Commercial Account Executive, Code Climate


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11:30 PT


11:50 PT • Demo

Increase development velocity, reduce application downtime, and optimize performance with Epsagon
Chris Harding • Solutions Engineer, Epsagon

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12:10 PT • Talk

Habits of highly-performing teams
Charity Majors • CTO & Co-founder, Honeycomb

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12:30 PT • Talk

Presenting to executives
Kevin Goldsmith • CTO, Anaconda

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12:45 PT • Talk

The Nitty Gritty of Scaling Software Teams
Daniel Burke • Senior Engineering Manager, Square

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13:00 PT


13:20 PT • Panel

Creating, defining, and refining an effective tech strategy
Anna Shipman, Randy Shoup, Papanii Nene Okai, Nimisha Asthagiri, Anand Mariappan

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12:30 PT • Demo

Production Excellence with Honeycomb
Nathan LeClaire • Solutions Architect, Honeycomb

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12:50 PT • Demo

Deployments made easier with feature flags by LaunchDarkly
Jose Romero • Solutions Engineer, LaunchDarkly

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13:10 PT • Demo

GitOps keeps focus on product, not on infrastructure with
Chad Carlson • Developer Relations Engineer,

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13:30 PT


13:50 PT • Demo

Creating a culture of code ownership with Bugsnag
Ivan Diaz • Solutions Engineer, Bugsnag

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14:05 PT • Talk

A Tour of Decisions in Event-Driven Architecture
Duana Stanley • Software Engineer, CashApp

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14:20 PT • Talk

The Mentor Playbook
Gabriela Dombrowski • Application Developer, Crema

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14:35 PT


14:55 PT • Panel

Strategies for influencing without exerting authority
Sarah Milstein, Rukmini Reddy, Nick Rockwell, Bruce Wang, Ellen Wong

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14:10 PT • Demo

Developer-Driven Security: Owning your projects from inception to commercialisation with Sonatype

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14:30 PT • Demo

Distributed systems, distributed teams, and distributed problems with Lightstep
Forrest Anthony Knight Jr • Senior Sales Engineer, Lightstep

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14:50 PT • Demo

Launch your engineering metrics program in 40 minutes with LinearB
Dan Lines • Co-Founder & COO (Former VP of Engineering), LinearB

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15:10 PT


15:30 PT • Demo

Integrating Travis CI in real world solutions. From setup, to build.
Montana Mendy • Developer Relations Manager, Travis CI

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15:40 PT • Talk

Difficult listening and having difficult conversations
David Yee • Executive Director, Engagement Mission, The New York Times

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15:55 PT • Talk

Building Compassion
Julia Ferraioli • Open Source Technical Program Manager, Google

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15:50 PT • Talk

Designing Cultural Transformations
Ryn Daniels • Site reliability engineer, Terraform Cloud

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16:10 PT • Panel

What VCs Want Us to Know as Technical Leaders
Meri Williams, Eileen Burbidge, Leila Zegna, Ezechi Britton

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16:10 PT • Demo

Increase app confidence using CI/CD with CircleCI
Angel Rivera • Developer Advocate, CircleCI

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16:50 PT

Conference close

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