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The world is different now. The future of engineering leadership is taking a new direction.

We now know that remote teams can work just as productively in their homes compared to an office. But with management being forced to proactively support their teams remotely, it has had a significant impact on approaches to leadership.
What can we learn about the future of engineering leadership after steering our teams through a newly distributed world?

In this panel, featuring the host and speakers from LeadDev New York 2022, we take a step back to reflect, thinking about how our definition of leadership has shifted in response to an unprecedented situation. We’ll discuss how empathy, creativity, and intentionality go a long way when building healthy, happy, and engaged engineering teams.

Key takeaways

  • Supporting your engineers through uncertainty  
  • Nurturing health in your engineering teams
  • Communicating effectively and how to deliver feedback remotely
  • Managing onboarding and new hires in distributed roles