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Developing a culture where security is everyone’s responsibility will keep delivery times on track.

As engineering leaders, delivering code securely matters. But often when shipping code with fast delivery times, security checks can feel like a drag on engineering velocity.

So how can you align your engineers with the security teams to stop delays due to vulnerabilities?

In this panel, we’ll discuss the ways that engineering leaders have transformed the relationship between engineering and security in their orgs, and provide effective processes on how you can incorporate security practices in a way that doesn’t derail engineering timelines.

Key takeaways

  • Understand ways security processes can drive engineering velocity
  • Introduce practical steps for collaboration between developers and security teams
  • Empower your engineers to find and fix vulnerabilities in their own code
  • Develop a culture of shared responsibility around your org's security principles 


About our sponsor

StackHawk helps leading teams protect their applications and APIs from security bugs. With security testing that’s automated in CI/CD, teams can find vulnerabilities at the pull request and quickly push out fixes so vulnerabilities don’t make it into prod.