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Maude Lemaire, author of Refactoring at Scale, shares her knowledge on how to tackle big, messy refactoring projects



Making significant changes to large, complex code bases is a daunting task - and without proper planning and vision or the right teams, tools, and mindset can feel almost impossible. 

In this session, Maude Lemaire will discuss how to tackle large refactoring projects - starting with preparation and planning, right into landing the project. Maude will share her experience driving refactoring efforts at Slack during a period of critical growth. 

You’ll learn

  • How code degrades and why this is inevitable
  • How to qualify the state of your codebase before refactoring
  • How to create and milestone cleanup plans
  • Get buy-in from your seniors and teams 



Maude Lemaire

Maude is a Senior Staff Engineer at Slack.