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Learn how to set up a remote-first environment where your team can thrive

Managing an engineering team is a difficult job, but managing a remote engineering team is even more complicated. Bridging the virtual disconnect to build strong relationships with your team as a remote manager can be challenging. Still, you will allow your team to thrive by dedicating effort to setting up a proper remote-first environment.

Join us at the next edition of Bookmarked, where Suzan Bond will be joined by Senior Engineering Manager, Alexandra Sunderland, to discuss her book Remote Engineering Management, covering topics ranging from hiring and onboarding to one-on-ones and handling departures.

In this session, Alexandra will share why communication is instrumental to remote teams' success and how to overcome communication issues and develop a people-first approach to engineering management. Whether you're an established or aspiring leader, you will gain practical tips to implement with your current or future team!

Key takeaways

  • Learn the secrets to being a great remote leader 
  • Prepare for the unknowns as a people manager in a remote environment
  • Bridge the virtual disconnect and build strong relationships with your team