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Learn how to show you are capable of taking on a more senior individual contributor role.

Defining the staple jobs of a Distinguished Engineer can be tricky as the responsibilities can differ across organizations and there can be some overlap with other senior roles. As you climb the path of a senior individual contributor, it is important to understand the definition and skillset required for the role you are seeking. 

Join us for the third panel discussion in our ‘Defining the IC career ladder’ series, as we discuss the opportunities to look out for to develop and demonstrate your skillset and the tasks that you must be proficient at for a Distinguished Engineer role. 

Key learnings

  • Understand what skills you need to demonstrate for a Distinguished engineer role
  • Learn what to delegate as a senior IC to focus more on technical strategy
  • Communicate strategic conversations with senior stakeholders 
  • Build strong relationships with the senior stakeholders across your org


Leslie Chapman

Leslie Chapman is an Engineering Fellow at Comcast