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Smart use of open source involves being aware of the risks to your applications and organization.

There is a long list of benefits to using open source programs. But as open source continues to evolve, the security risks are also becoming greater. This makes it harder for engineering leaders to ensure they are leveraging the right software safely, with rises in open source attacks as part of the wider supply chain.

So how can you guarantee your engineering teams are taking advantage of successful open source projects, without opening up your engineering org to potential vulnerabilities? 

In this panel, engineering leaders will come together to share their experiences with open source and discuss different steps they have taken to shield their organization from potential problems further down the line.

Key takeaways

  • Identify all the potential risks of open source within your org
  • Learn how to assess the legitimacy of open source projects before integration
  • Develop collaborative processes for knowledge sharing between teams on security risks
  • Build a cohesive company approach to using open source as it evolves


Maria Ntalla

Maria is an Engineering Manager at Shopify