Uncover insights into making thoughtful hiring choices by understanding what to prioritize during the hiring process

The tech landscape has drastically changed, and its job market looks starkly different to what it did 18 months ago. Unsurprisingly, during times of economic uncertainty, companies are now focusing on resource efficiency and cost-cutting rather than growth. However, there are orgs still looking to grow their businesses and expand their engineering teams. These companies are grappling with a new hiring landscape characterized by higher risks of bad hires and limited resources for making informed decisions.

In this panel, engineering leaders will discuss how companies can balance the need to quickly find great engineers with fewer hiring and interviewing resources. In a market with substantially more candidates than before, we will discuss how requirements and skill sets are changing and how you can ensure that you’re delivering the best candidate experience possible with the resources available to you.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how industry peers have been approaching hiring and how you can apply best practises to your org 
  • Understand which skills are essential to look for in new candidates
  • Discover what a great candidate experience looks like despite bigger applicant pools and fewer resources
  • Learn how to save precious time and money in the hiring process
Optimizing the time you and your team spend on hiring
CodeSignal Optimizing the time you and your team spend on hiring
Enabling your engineers to run great interviews
Metaview Enabling your engineers to run great interviews