26 mins

In my role as a VP of Engineering at a fast-growing startup, I spent hundreds of hours interviewing and sourcing candidates in the last year alone. The bar we set ourselves was high: not just hire people with excellent skills and culture add, but also maintain and improve our current diversity (33% women, 9% people of color) across experience levels.

The result of that is an inclusive and effective hiring process that lets us successfully grow the team while providing a great candidate experience. Even candidates who reject our offers end up recommend us to their friends! This talk will take you through a step-by-step hands-on guide on improving your skills as an interviewer and setting up a better hiring process at your company - no matter how large or tiny.

Learn about:

- Creating inclusive performance profiles to replace your traditional job requirements

- Conducting phone screens with potential candidates that make them excited to invest their time in the hiring process

- Creating a blind coding test screening process optimised for consistency and gives you useful information

- Setting up an interview process that leaves your candidate excited to work with you, while empowering your team to become better interviewers

- Interview techniques that let you gather information that provides actual evidence on the candidate's past performance