“How much and how should an Engineering Manager (EM) shape, act, and lead their team?”

An EM’s primary responsibility is to make their team and people successful, creating an environment where the team is productive and its members fulfilled. But how much should an EM actively act on their team to achieve those goals?

Leading as an EM is a challenging path, balancing being proactive enough to drive positive change while avoiding micromanaging engineers while doing it. In addition, a lack of leadership and excessive delegation can negatively affect the team in different areas like productivity, tenure, and diversity.

This presentation will discuss how to achieve this balance using systemic thinking, talking about how an EM can be a positive leader for their team. It will:

  • Discuss the challenges of lack of leadership in software and why an EM should act as a leader for their team.
  • Talk about how EMs can think systemically about their team, focusing on creating productive environments that empower diverse people within them.
  • Introduce practical management techniques that EMs can use to lead positive change.

It will focus on how EMs act efficiently as leaders, creating successful and diverse teams where engineers are fulfilled to work in.

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