30 mins

It’s empowering for developers and other people involved in the inception of a project to have tools for making the project better long-term.

This talk highlights the seven things that should be considered very early in development:

Localization. Are you ever planning on selling this to someone in another country?
Security. Don’t be the organization that has to pay someone for disaster PR. Building in security early saves you a bunch of time and user churn later.
Extensibility. What makes you so sure this API will always be internal?
Documentation. People do not buy software solely based on PowerPoints. You need public documentation. It has to be more useful than Stack Overflow.
Affordance. UI is not actually a word. People change how they feel about you based on your microtext and error messages.
Acceptance. Have you shown this to any actual humans? Who are like the users?
Accessibility. We all use computers different ways. Does your software allow that?
Leaving these considerations to the end is like baking a cookie and then trying to poke chocolate chips into it after it’s done.