28 mins

How do companies hire? And how does a manager build out a hiring process from the ground up? In this talk, you'll learn how one product & UX hiring manager used insights from behavioural science research and human-centered design principles to:

uncover pain points and opportunities in the candidate journey
write more inclusive job descriptions and advocate for investing in channels for more diverse candidate outreach
create a more intentional and fair interview process
build a more diverse team that considers diversity beyond race and gender, with a process for onboarding and retaining them successfully
Whether you're looking to lead and build out your own hiring process, or you're job searching and want to hear a hiring manager's perspective, this session will help you learn how to conduct user interviews with new hires, and leverage those insights to improve interview resources, job descriptions, onboarding calendars, and partner with HR to scale the resources you built to help other departments with their hiring.