A platform is defined as the collection of tools and infrastructure, on top of which you can use and scale software. Over the last decade due to the increasing number of technology-driven startups and the shift towards cloud-based delivery models, platforms became mainstream and still information is scattered and ambiguous when it comes to describing team topologies and organizational patterns for platform teams in tech-driven startups. Companies are now focusing more than ever on building platform teams in order to increase productivity, promote software development standards, and reduce costs. But when is the right time to build this team? How does this team interact with product development teams?
How is platform engineering interacting with product management?

In this presentation we will start by discussing when is the right time to build a platform team. We’ll then explore what is the team and organizational structure to support this team and what type of engineers do you need. The presentation will then go over the important aspect of platform communication and interaction with product teams, and how you can avoid conflicts and competing priorities. Finally, we’ll see how alternative practices - like Innersourcing, can accelerate your platform journey and adoption.