When I first became a staff developer, I was enthused about my improved ability to positively influence the teams around me — until I learned how painfully slow it is to exert influence on a large scale.

Why can’t we just spew technical patterns and team processes at our coworkers, to be adopted immediately? Instead of screaming into the void, we’ll try out:

* Leading 1:1s, mob programming sessions, and interactive presentations

* Socratic Sandwiches: agreement, a Socratic question, and more agreement

* Phrasing and positioning feedback as opportunities * Building up others to advocate too

* Playing politics (without playing dirty)

Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn you into a corrupt insider politician. But I will give you the tools to grow the people and teams around you slowly and sustainably. In doing so, you'll not just see your own goals for the team be realized - you'll see others be able to better advocate for, collaborate on, and validate their ideas and yours.