Becoming a responsive leader to change will help you better support your teams

As engineering leaders, your success is the success of your teams. And while success can take many forms, a key indicator is how effectively and quickly your team is able to deliver on its goals and ship software. But with so many variables that contribute to how successful a team is - how can you work out what to change to really move the needle? And what should you be measuring in the first place?

Metrics are tough to agree upon - and that’s where DORA comes in. DORA was developed through a multi-year research program led by the DevOps Research and Assessment team - who outlined the key things to be measured and how these metrics can be used to transform your teams into high-performing machines.

What will you learn?

This workshop will help you put the insights of the research framework into practice. You will leave the workshop able to:

  • Describe your team’s current software delivery process
  • Set baseline performance metrics
  • Benchmark and compare your performance with your peers in the industry
  • Use DORA’s predictive analysis to identify where to make your next improvement
  • Set goals to ensure you hit your goals

By the end of this workshop you will have one improvement story to add to your backlog as you take the next step toward becoming an elite performing team. And, you’ll be able to repeat the process with your own team in your quest to getting better at getting better!

Who should attend 

This workshop is for anyone who takes part in the software delivery and operations lifecycle. Primarily the audience will be engineering leaders, but this may include roles like product management, architecture quality assurance, compliance and security, operations, site reliability engineering, platform engineering, user experience, release engineering, and more.

This workshop is targeted at leaders, whose responsibility it is to ensure their teams are building, deploying, and operating at the highest level.