Agile vs Waterfall. Scrum vs Kanban.In the end, engineering teams are all trying to produce the best work in the most effective and efficient manner. So, I'll throw polychronic vs monochronic time systems into the mix as another layer for understanding any engineering team better.

Time is relative. Or, time is absolute. Both of these statements can be true depending on your personality, or the culture you were raised in. Working with people who do not see time in the same manner can be frustrating and lead to conflict.

Understanding these time systems and how they affect both individuals and teams can help technical leaders define the most effective approach for their company, while building a better collaborative culture.

This talk will explain the polychronic and monochronic time systems, how different cultures and the processes and tools we use at work relate to time, and finally how to take advantage of the strengths in each to build a better team.