45 mins.

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Hosting your services on the cloud is commonplace for companies of all sizes. But if you’re not smart with how you use it, you could expose your company to widespread risks - including security breaches and skyrocketing service costs. To encourage smart usage of your cloud services, you need to have an effective governance plan in place that is understood and used by the people in your org. But what does this look like - and how do you as an engineering leader go about implementing one? 

This panel brings together cloud experts to discuss their experiences of effective cloud management and how they’ve managed to implement their governance strategy throughout their org. We will be providing practical actions on how to create a cost-effective, high-performing and secure cloud presence, no matter if you’ve just migrated from on premises to public cloud, or from one cloud to another. 

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to align your cloud strategy with wider business goals
  • Gain competitive advantage as a business
  • Increase productivity and find ways to reduce costs while working in the cloud 
  • Define clear responsibilities and roles in your cloud teams
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