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As leaders at one point or another we are faced with a challenging situation and we need to improvise and lead our teams through the turbulence. During these times are when the team is tested and it is up to the leaders to make their teams resilient and motivate them against all odds. My talk aims to speak to leaders in the industry and appeal to them to be calm, empathetic and empower their teams during these times by sharing some key points from my own experiences.

This could be in different flavors ranging at different levels, project level, team level, department level or company level. Some of the scenarios might include the below:

1. Team is against a monstrous deadline and feels unable to meet it
2. Company going through financial turmoil

Some key points I would like to share as part of the talk:

1. People First - Putting people first, listening to them and understanding their concerns
2. Motivation - Finding ways to motivate people, this largely depends on the team but it could be the smallest gestures that make a difference, such as sponsored meals during crunch time.
3. Being Flexible - As a leader, being flexible to change and adapt to the changing situation, such as removing meetings or processes.
4. Clear Goals - Making sure that the team is aware of what is expected and when.
5. Remove Blockers - Empowering the teams to unblock themselves and/or helping unblock wherever they need the help.

I want to call upon all the leaders to keep some of these in mind in face of all odds.

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