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In the world of Learning and Development (L&D), we hear much talk of ‘learning pathways’. Learning pathways are essentially curated routes toward a predetermined end state, often consisting of a series of bitesize modules or short courses that allow learners progress through a curriculum at their own pace. Learning Pathways can be really helpful when the direction is known and unlikely to change (remind you of anything? A certain process methodology perhaps?)

But life doesn’t always lend itself to set trajectories, as any agile practitioner will tell you. Often we’ll find ourselves seeking to develop and grow in multiple different dimensions at once, or our priorities will change suddenly, in which case it can be hard to choose and commit to a single learning pathway. At Armakuni we’re trying a different approach to developing our engineers, one that is grounded in the philosophies of continuous improvement and experiential learning. Not only does this approach deliver real value more quickly, but it also makes Continuous Learning an integral part of our culture.

In this talk, I will explain the rationale behind our approach to L&D and show you how it is operated in practice. I’ll also explain how we intend to scale our approach as the company grows.

Leading software teams with context (visibility)
Leading software teams with context (visibility)
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