25 mins


Track your progress so you can keep growing as an engineering leader on the individual contributor track.

You don’t need “manager” in your title to lead engineering teams. More and more, companies are investing in senior individual contributor tracks to support engineers as they grow.

But once you get that senior role, how you work changes in many ways:
* You are working across multiple teams, so your goals are not a team’s goals anymore. How do you know what they are?
* You’re not “on the ground” working day-to-day within a team. How do you keep track of what’s going on?
* Coding is just one of the ways you deliver value. What else should you be doing?

Your role now is to gather context and evaluate opportunities to help shape what you and other teams should focus on.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to define your development journey as a senior individual contributor, figuring out what you should be working on, how to set your goals, and how to you define your backlog of work. 


Developer productivity 2.0
Developer productivity 2.0
Explaining distributed systems like I'm five
Explaining distributed systems like I'm five