APIs are forever. Unlike other products, APIs are hard to take back once developers integrate against them. But in a world where business needs and user requirements are continually changing, APIs need to be flexible enough to anticipate future changes.

So how do you design APIs in an effective way - striking the balance between making good decisions that stand the test of time, whilst still empowering the business to move quickly and being able to react to internal and customer feedback?

In this talk, Jeff will take about his experiences at Stripe and OpenAI, sharing stories and lessons on creating APIs that are easy to use, yet powerful and adaptable for the future. He'll discuss strategies for making decisions in API design, even when the path ahead isn't clear.

You’ll take away:

  • Guiding principles for shipping high-quality APIs that meet the demands of the business
  • Tools to work through the inevitable ambiguity in the design process 
  • Frameworks for establishing a contract with end users